Maris Sveiduks

More than 40 years of experience in Fitness and Bodybuilding. World champion in Fitness athletic category. International judge for fitness and bodybuilding competitions. NABBA Latvia federation president. RSU and LiepU University lector in Fitness. Author of first Fitness & Bodybuilding book in Latvia " Bodybuilding from A - Z." Winner of Baltic Robinson expedition show in 2001. And the author of the book " Robinsonu piedzīvojumi Malaizijā." Also author of many fitness and bodybuilding publications in Latvian magazines and newspapers. Host of TV shows. Owner and founder of Gym Lacplesis. 

Education:  – LSPA  Sports education faculty.  IHRSA and IFC certificates (USA). 
Expert in Fitness and Bodybuilding. With great knowledge in preparing athletes for fitness and bodybuilding competitions. Couching and training personal trainers. 

  Offers :      

·         Masterclasses, seminars,
·         Preparing for fitness and bodybuilding competition
·         Personalised training program/plan
·         Custom Nutrition Plan   
·         VIP personal training sessions (one on one coaching)       

Motto Today be better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today! 

Ingus Kairis

Sports and active lifestyle has been my passion and hobby since I can remember. For me working as a personal trainer is more than a work - it's what I love. 
More than 25 years in sports (6 years experience in boxing, 20 years experience in swimming, 10 years experience in fitness. Hobbies  - running, basketball and beach tenis).

Education RSU, Health and sports specialist (Fitness trainer).  


  • Individual and customized PT training session
  • Weight loss
  • Strength, mass gain and functional training
  • Rehabilitation training
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Customized training plan fitness, running and other athletes
  • Group and couples training 

    Motto: Have a goal, know what you want and together we will reach your fitness goal! 

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Reinis Ratnieks

7 years of experience in fitness and powerlifting. Many times Latvian champion and record holder in bench press in powerlifting. 

Education: Studē RSU, Health and sports specialist (Fitness trainer).  Specializing in strength, functional training,  mass building and powerlifting.


  • Individual  PT training sessions
  • Functional training
  • Mass building
  • Strength and powerlifting training
  • Training introduction with weights for beginners
  • Customized training plan

Motto: You will not get stronger just by sitting and waiting!

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Andris Bite

10 years of experience in Fitness and he sport of rowing. 

Education: RPIVA, RTU – sports and biology teacher


  • Introduction to training 
  • Individual  PT training sessions
  • Strength and powerlifting training
  • Nutrition Plan   

Motto: Different roads can lead to the same destination. Find your own!

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